Advances in technology in the tile industry has allowed for the introduction of thin large format tiles, which can vary from 3mm to 6mm in thickness. Revised technical standards are being introduced for many factory ranges on the product and fixing methods  so with the current rise in popularity of large format tiles it is important to ensure basic rules of installation are followed, for example the background is flat, plumb and true before tiling begins.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the tolerances for the tile are based on a proportion of the size of the tile. When fixing large format tiles it is essential to use the correct adhesive (Class 2 plus F,T, E, S1 or S2 where applicable) and ensure 100% coverage of tile adhesive, buttering the back of each tile as you fix the tiles.

Please note: we would always advise to refer to the factories' installation guide prior to fixing.

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