• Saville

  • Saville

  • Saville


Fabric texture surface effects and decorative patterns inspired by interior design create interesting combinations and compositions of patterns, mixing contemporary colors and graphics.

Colours Available
  • Cord Cord
  • Cord Check Cord Check
  • 3D Mesh White 3D Mesh White
  • 3D Mesh Pearl 3D Mesh Pearl
  • 3D Mesh Cord 3D Mesh Cord
  • White White
  • Pearl Pearl
  • Grey Grey
  • Pearl Check Pearl Check
  • Acanthe Deco Acanthe Deco
  • White Check White Check
  • Stripe Deco Stripe Deco
  • Pearl Check Pearl Check
  • Cord Dot Cord Dot
  • Pearl Dot Pearl Dot
  • Pearl Twill Pearl Twill
Sizes Available

saville sizes.jpg

*Some colours available in other sizes

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