• Craquele

  • Craquele

  • Craquele


This classic craquele effect porcelain is strong in colour with varying tonal qualities running throughout, the mixture of vibrancy and muted tones in the collection allow for endless opportunities.

Colours Available
  • Azzurro Chiaro Azzurro Chiaro
  • Bottiglia Bottiglia
  • Blu Blu
  • Bianco Bianco
  • Acqua Chiaro Acqua Chiaro
  • Viola Viola
  • Turchese Turchese
  • Verdone Verdone
  • Glicine Glicine
  • Grigio Grigio
  • Caramel Caramel
  • Erba Erba
  • Avorio Avorio
  • Erba Chiaro Erba Chiaro
  • Acqua Acqua
  • Azzurro Azzurro
Sizes Available


*Not all colours available in all sizes

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