• Ultissimo

  • Ultissimo

  • Ultissimo


Ultissimo offers the option of using a product with a real ceramic base that thanks to it's reduced width, is still manoeuvrable. The large format adds a unique feature to the height of these materials. This product works wonders in terms of its seamless application on furnishings, floors and walls.

Colours Available
  • Bianco Calacatta Bianco Calacatta
  • Bianco Cararra Bianco Cararra
  • Statuario Ultra Statuario Ultra
  • Nero Nero
  • Statuario Altissimo Statuario Altissimo
  • Statuario Block Statuario Block
  • Gris Gris
  • Paonazzetto Paonazzetto
  • Grey Marble Grey Marble
  • Port D'or Port D'or
  • Calacatta Delicato Calacatta Delicato
  • Pulpis Brown Pulpis Brown
  • Eramosa Eramosa
  • Calacatta Lincoln Calacatta Lincoln
  • Santa Caterina Santa Caterina
  • Navona Navona
  • Crema Marfil Crema Marfil
Sizes Available


*Some colours not available in all sizes

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