• Nature Mood

  • Nature Mood

  • Nature Mood

Marble and wood blend in a refined creative mood board

With the Nature Mood collection, the natural environment “invades” man-made spaces, enters our homes and becomes part of the way we sense and experience our surroundings, influencing our mood in a positive way. Floors, wall coverings and furniture become an emotional backdrop interwoven in a harmonious dialogue of nuances and veining, making it possible for us to rediscover that psycho-physical balance from which increasing urbanization and technology often distance us.

Marble Colours Available
  • Tundra Tundra
  • Rainforest Rainforest
  • Riverbed Riverbed
  • Mountain Peak Mountain Peak
  • Glacier Glacier
Wood Colours Available
  • Plank01 Plank01
  • Plank02 Plank02
  • Plank03 Plank03
  • Plank04 Plank04
  • Plank05 Plank05
  • Plank06 Plank06
Sizes Available


*Please note that not all sizes available in both marble/wood designs

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